CES 2017 | Panasonic HC X1 Professional 4K Camcorder | 60p 4K – Video

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Panasonic UX90/180 – UHD/4K Capable

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Review: Panasonic AG-UX90 4K camcorder – Video

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Sony Z150 Camera Review

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”  If you decide to go with the Sony Z150 know you are buying into a very solid camera system. Sony makes stellar sensors and the one found in the Z150 is no exception. The 4K can look stunning and the 120 frames per second can deliver butter slow-motion footage. While the dynamic range is not near the 15 stops found in many cinema cameras it is respectable. There are so many of Sony’s smart engineering elements found in the Z150 a shooter would have to be a complete sourpuss to not come away with a positive shooting experience. This camera may never be of the caliber of the F5 or F55, but it can hold its own in the broadcasting world or the documentary world. Personally, I look forward to seeing what others create with the Z150.”



Canon XC15 – Up to Speed – Video

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Neuer NXCAM-Camccorder NX5R und Mischer MCX-500

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Canon XC15 – Hands On Review – Video

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