Canon C200 Camera Test

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‘shot some content with the C200, and focused purely on the Cinema Raw Light codec, improved ergonomics and autofocus.

We had a chance to test the camera in some different scenarios to understand the limitations and optimum settings, this is all non-scientific.”



Sekonic L-858 D Review

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“The meter features a 2.7 inch touch screen that allows you to more quickly select and/or change your settings without having to use buttons to navigate through the menus. This may not seem as big of a deal but any piece of gear I add to my kit I need to be able to be FAST. The future of shooting is smaller, lighter and faster. If it doesn’t fit those requirements, then I am less likely to be able to use it. This unit passes that with flying colors.”







Zhiyun-Tech Crane 2 – 3-axis handheld stabilizer with integrated follow focus review

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“If you use a Sony camera with a MULTI interface you can’t control the focus, but you can control the zoom of certain motor driven lenses. Zhiyun-Tech recommends the use of the Sony PZ 18-105mm F4 OSS and PZ 16-50mm F3.6-5.6 OSS lenses. I tried to use the Sony PZ 18-200mm F3.5-6.2 OSS lens but I couldn’t get the zoom function to work. Certain parameters on a Panasonic GH3 or GH4 can be changed, but the focus isn’t one of them. Unfortunately, the GH5 is not compatible at all.”






Olympus OMD EM10 Mark II Review

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“Overall the Mark III represents a subtle refresh to the Mark II to say the least – the major difference is the addition of 4k video, along with some tweaks over the controls and auto mode. It’s a shame Olympus didn’t take the opportunity to increase the viewfinder magnification, but like its predecessor the Mark III remains a great choice for those wanting a compact but feature-packed and affordable interchangeable lens camera which enjoys access to the broadest mirrorless lens catalogue around – all enjoying the body’s built-in stabilisation. I’ve started my tests with a final production body and ahead of my full review have put together a selection of sample movies and images below!”


Dutti Dolly Review

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“The biggest problem you’ll likely run into ends up not being Matthews’ fault, and that’s the quality of your tripod head. My Manfrotto 503HDV is about a decade old and is a bit herky-jerky, so during certain moves I had to jam the handle portion under my armpit with my left hand on the RedrockMicro handle attached to the Ultracage, my right in the C100’s handle, and a Noga Cinearm connected to the top of the cage resting against my head. I could then use multiple points of contact and sort of “lean” into the camera to smooth out any moves. It took me a while to figure out I needed to do that, but that’s what camera tests are for (which, of course, I didn’t do). If you’re going to invest in this dolly, definitely add a nice tripod head to your budget to avoid any unnecessary headaches. Warp stabilizer in Premiere smoothed out any bumps or jerks just fine though.”




Aputure Light Storm 300d Light -Video

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Nikon D850 Review

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“Cameralabs’s lens tester Thomas has been a long-term Nikon photographer, owning the D810 and the D800 and D300 before it. He’s been shooting with the new D850 for some weeks now, both for his lens tests and personal work, so for Part One of this review I interviewed him to discover his feelings about the quality and handling from a landscape shooter’s perspective, as well as from someone upgrading from the D810 or D800. In Parts Two and Three coming soon, I’ll delve into the sports and movie capabilities.”




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