Aputure Light Storm 300d Light -Video

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Nikon D850 Review

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“Cameralabs’s lens tester Thomas has been a long-term Nikon photographer, owning the D810 and the D800 and D300 before it. He’s been shooting with the new D850 for some weeks now, both for his lens tests and personal work, so for Part One of this review I interviewed him to discover his feelings about the quality and handling from a landscape shooter’s perspective, as well as from someone upgrading from the D810 or D800. In Parts Two and Three coming soon, I’ll delve into the sports and movie capabilities.”




Review: Profoto B1X (Sony TTL Version) $2,500 Review

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“The Profoto B1X is an extremely and highly capable light. Its capabilities will be most valued by the professional photographer that needs this kind of output so that they spend less time editing and more time getting actual gigs to pay the bills. Profoto continues to be great at build quality and overall fair simplicity vs many other manufacturers with a close exception perhaps being Phottix. Additionally, you can rest assured knowing that the color consistency is great, the power output is more than satisfactory, and the overall functionality and versatility will mean that these lights can tackle any job.”




Canon EOS C700 – Review

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“Picture quality will come as no surprise to anyone familiar with the C300 Mark II. The C700 has its cheaper sibling’s excellent colour rendition, extremely low rolling shutter, low noise – even up to ISO 12,800 and beyond – and the codecs are robust and artefact free. We measured the usable dynamic range at 12.5 stops – identical to the C300 Mark II – and rolling shutter very slightly higher at around 2.3×10-4° per pixel per second. In other words, for a vertical feature in the image to ‘lean over’ by just one degree, you need to be panning at about 4300 pixels per second. In most practical shooting situations, you rarely notice any rolling shutter at all.”





Sony FE 70-200mm f2.8 GM OSS review

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“The Sony FE 70-200mm f2.8 G Master is a professional telephoto zoom lens for Sony’s Alpha mirrorless cameras. One of the first models to carry the G Master badge, it pulls-off that tricky combination of very high resolution details with attractive rendering of blurred areas. As such it’s highly desirable to portrait and wedding photographers, as well as anyone shooting close-range sports or wildlife. Meanwhile the innovative floating focus system exploits three motors to maintain high quality right down to the minimum focusing distance of just under a meter.”



Sigma 100-400mm F5-6.3 DG OS HSM Hands-On Review:

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“This is expected for a lens at this price point—it’s one of the trade-offs for the size and price of this lens. Last year, I reviewed the Sigma 150-600mm F/5-6.3, priced at about $1,100, which provided crisper images and a wider reach, but is significantly longer and less compact. Part of this is the longer length of the 600mm lens—at a longer telephoto setting the same objects occupy more of the sensor and so resolve sharper—but for the serious sports and wildlife photographer, it would be good to consider spending $300 more and getting 200mm greater reach.”





Deal: 7″ HDMI Monitor for $39 – Video

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