iFootage 3-Axis Motorized Motion Controlled Shark Slider Mini

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Dutti Dolly Review

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“The biggest problem you’ll likely run into ends up not being Matthews’ fault, and that’s the quality of your tripod head. My Manfrotto 503HDV is about a decade old and is a bit herky-jerky, so during certain moves I had to jam the handle portion under my armpit with my left hand on the RedrockMicro handle attached to the Ultracage, my right in the C100’s handle, and a Noga Cinearm connected to the top of the cage resting against my head. I could then use multiple points of contact and sort of “lean” into the camera to smooth out any moves. It took me a while to figure out I needed to do that, but that’s what camera tests are for (which, of course, I didn’t do). If you’re going to invest in this dolly, definitely add a nice tripod head to your budget to avoid any unnecessary headaches. Warp stabilizer in Premiere smoothed out any bumps or jerks just fine though.”





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Shuttle Dolly + CineDrive – Video

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The ULTIMATE DIY Camera Slider – Video

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EDELKRONE MOTION KIT – REVIEW (Slide + Pan + Tilt + Focus) – Video

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Edelkrone Motion Kit Timelapse Test

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